Thailand Agricultural Research Repository or TARR is a digital platform for develop and integrate a digital knowledge database of agriculture in Thailand. By collecting research information in one place (Single Window) in order to facilitate users to access research information in Thailand.TARR

Expected output

National level

  1. To establish an agricultural research center of the country or the Hub to access agricultural knowledge in both national and international levels.
  2. To be a source of knowledge that can be used to develop a national economic by using research information.

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives level

  1. To be able to manage the intellectual property of agricultural organizations.
  2. To be a “Research Portfolio” for researchers of ministry and networks.
  3. To be a guideline for Ministry to know a direction of agricultural research for promotion a developing production, expanding and providing services for entrepreneurs and businesses for business and farmers development.
  4. To reduce a duplication and cost of agricultural data collection by collaborating with production networks and agricultural knowledge.

Personal level

  1. Being a source of knowledge that is accessible and easy to track knowledge in a single point.
  2. For a farmer to be able to develop products based on correct knowledge and information. And be able to follow up with new knowledge to decrease production costs, increase productivity, and to cope with marketing changes.
  3. For scholars and researchers be able to get access to research resources. In order to develop a research under the needs of the country.
  4. In order to facilitate a small and medium-sized enterprise to be able to access knowledge and research for business expansion.

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