Ready to be Used Researches

Highlight of Policy Researches

1. Formulation of Notification of the Ministry of Public Health
  • Project : Thailand Trans-fat-free Country
  • User : Food and Drug Administration
2. Formulation of Oil Palm and Palm Oil Act
  • Project : Restructuring of Thailand's Oil Palm and Palm Oil Industry
  • User : Thailand Oil Palm Board Office of Agricultural Economics
3. Water Management
  • Project : The Development of Water Management for Reformation Water Using in Agricultural,Thailand.
  • User : Royal Irrigation Department

Highlights of Public Policy

1. Rice Production System
  • Project : Biofertilizer Application Technology to Decrease Product
    - Alternative Wet and Dry Water Management
    - Defatted Rice Bran Fish Crackers to Improve Nutrition and Antioxidant
    - Young-Flatten Rice and its application as Functional Product
  • User : Department of Agricultural Extension
    - Learning Centers for increasing the efficiency of agricultural production
    - Community Enterprise
2. Striped snakehead fish
  • Project : Research about breeding of Striped snakehead fish
  • User : Department of Fisheries
3. Silk
  • Project : Research on Silk Fiber Sheet Production by Silage Feeding for Farmers Commercial production
  • User : Department of Sericulture

Highlights of Commercial Researches

1. Project : FIN (Food Innovation) &Network)

Development of Processed-Agricultural Products for Building on Commercialization-Based Product to Create the Sustainable Business Development Procedure of Processed-Agricultural Product in Thailand.

  • Brownie Cracker
    User : Pisan Food Co.,Ltd.
  • Dried Durian Cracker
    User : Chainoifood Co.,Ltd
  • Fish Cracker
    User : To Fit Co.,Ltd.
  • Purple Sweet Potato and Latte
    User : Pantoric Co.,Ltd.
  • Study of antioxidative bio-peptide and immuno-stimulatory activities of non-starch polysaccharide in rice grain development stage for rice milk powder encapsulation (extent from year 2013)
    User : Diamond Fresh Global ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd.
2. Project : Health and Beauty
  • Value Creation of Abalone as Health Products
    User : Phuket Abalone Farm Co., Ltd.
  • Development of anti-aging product from rice germ extract
    User : Product Plus International Co., Ltd.
    - Wathoothorn Co., Ltd
    - M.Y.R. Comestic Solutions Co., Ltd