Due to the economic crisis in B.E. 2540 (1997), the government has set austerity measure in spending the budget. Resulting many projects has to balk. The government has agreed to borrow the funding from abroad to continue the project. The Cabinet has approved to abide by the conditions of policy matrix. Loan program to restructure the agricultural sector to enhancing the competitiveness of the export on 6th July B.E. 2542 (1999)

          Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization), ARDA was established as an autonomous agency in the operating fund as the decree establishing the Agricultural Research Development Agency that become effective from 15th March B.E. 2546 (2003) (with the initial capital of 3,000 Million Baht)



“ARDA is a leader in supporting research works, develop researches, and being the agriculture knowledge resource.”

Leader: A person who is accepted by society and the society is aware when there is any problem occurred and people need agriculture knowledges and the resulting works of Agricultural Research Development Agency (ARDA) generated positive impacts to the country



1. To promote and support research and agriculture

2. To promote and support development of personnel for research and agriculture

3. To promote and support research, development and dissemination of knowledge and
     information on agriculture research


ARDA Strategy

1. Proactive Development Ag-research Projects Development emphasized on  
   Commercial, Public and Policy Researches and Applications

2.  Research Capability Development for MOAC Researcher and Research Networking

3.  Managerial System Development for Changes & Adaptation

4.  Knowledge Management and Communication for Public Usages